Early ejaculation?

19 Dec

Sexual intercourse is human way breeding and enjoy the fun as part of his life. Something pleasant and provide enjoyment would be perfect when we managed to get it. Instead, it would be disappointing when we failed to get it.

Related to sexuality, the highest pleasure is at the time the couple are equally successful obtain and feel pleasure of sexual activity, namely orgasms. Of course this is not an easy thing because each person have variability and differences in speed to reach orgasm. To able to reach orgasm together, it takes effort to understand each other and resolve differences. Unfortunately, sexuality is still considered taboo to talk about. Though it is possible there is a difference that could a constraint. When this was not discussed and sought solution, then the sex becomes unpleasant, even be avoided.

Early ejaculation is the event ejaculation of semen, a sign of an orgasm in males. If the ejaculation occurs before the expected time repeatedly and settle, either with minimal sexual stimulation before, during, or immediately after penetration, then it is called premature early (ED). In layman, we can interpret as an exit before time. About the time is depended one’s own view as well as sexual partners. There’s no time criteria which can be defined universal. As an example, a man who is only capable of withhold ejaculation during 1 minute of starting stimulation, while the pair able to achieve sexual climax is also within 1 minutes, then a man could be considered does not have a problem premature ejaculation. In contrast, man B is able to withstand ejaculate up to 10 minutes since starting stimulation while partner requires 20 minutes to reach the climax, the male B can deemed to have a problem premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is considered as big problem if it occurs before the penis touching the vagina or penis is just touching the vagina; intermediate problem categorized when The penis is into the vagina only; and mild in the event after some brief friction. Whatever of its level, a definite ED interfere with the quality and level of sexual satisfaction. The impact affects the male patients, spouses, and quality of their own personal relationship. For men, they would be very shy, insecure, low- themselves, to stress. Furthermore, the ED sufferers will be more anxious and tense when will do sex and this is increasingly aggravate situation.

There are several alternatives to overcome ED. The simplest is by studying and practice technique of “Sex Therapy” that is taught by the Masters and Johnson. This technique trains ED patients to be able to gradual control of ejaculation at various levels stimulation by pressure on certain areas in penis at the time felt there sensation of ejaculation.

Next is the trying to reduce the skin sensitivity of the penile area and around it. This can be done mechanically by using condoms or chemically by using topical anesthetic. Decresing in sensitivity skin on the penis and surrounding areas will have an impact on the lack of stimulated and can delaying thevery early ejaculation. Another alternative is to use medicines that the end result is increased levels of serotonin in gap synapse of nerve cells that can extend the occurrence time of ejaculation. Medicinal preparations that worked with the mechanism are the SSRI, beta blockers, and opioid analgesic.

Beyond that, the step most appropriate and prudent to overcome ED is of course is consultation with the experts. Talk to your doctor so that conditions can be assessed ED appropriately for later find a solution.

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