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Green Tea

Weight loss Natural, The claims for green tea are reducing the risk of cancer, prevention or alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis and eliminating heartburn.

Green tea But is perhaps best known for its high anti-Oxident known.

This is especially for those with active lifestyles as an anti-Oxident contribute to the level of damage caused by free radicals.

Weight loss Natural, However, if you try, you will notice that green tea is more than just a delicious hot beverage.

Green teas are an integral part of home remedies in everything from skin and dental care to general preventative measures.

We detail some of the most common perceived benefits of green tea products.
Green tea and weight loss

Perhaps unusually, think of green tea as a weight-loss properties, but there is now a green tea diet and many people swear by green tea extract as part of their weight loss program.

In fact, you will find that green tea extract is included in proprietary fat burning supplements. Used the extract from green tea to increase metabolism without increasing heart rate. A common side effect of other weight loss supplements.

Weight loss Natural and Green tea and skin care

Green teas have a positive impact in the arena have skin care. Two specific areas include acne and eczema. For acne, this tea makes it a great, cheap alternative to expensive toners or astringents.

Many people associate with ingredients that can order a drink, applied with a cotton swab directly to embark on a clean skin.

Simply drinking green tea has also worked for some, to reduce the presence of acne, although you must be careful to increase the intake of caffeine in your diet, as this was brought to an increase in outbreaks linked.

Homemade Mouthwash

In addition to skin care, claimed another benefit of Green tea by manufactuers is that it can be used as part of a homemade mouthwash.

So, what helps to drink this property of light, your teeth healthy? It is the presence of fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth and gums.

Mixing the brewed tea with spring water makes the most basic recipe, but it can be combined with other ingredients to create intriguing flavors of homemade mouthwashes.
More health benefits of Green tea

A regular daily intake of green tea or green tea extract is also thought to contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. The tea is rich in antioxidants that bind free radicals in our body, these free radicals can damage cells often.

Weight loss Natural, There are also several studies linking green tea, green tea for cancer prevention. In addition to this wonderful benefit, Green tea is also thought to promote an increase in metabolism that helps lower cholesterol in the body.

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What is Psoriasis? Identify its clinical forms and symptoms

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease a chronic and intermittent; an autoimmune  disease where T cell (immune cells) be activated and produces mediator substances which causes inflammation, proliferation,  and abnormal differentiation skin cells.Psoriasis is derived of  Greek “Psora” which means itchy and not contagious and has been known for a long time. Major incidence is in white  American and European. It is frequently found in Indonesia nowdays. The cause is still not known clearly. Too many influencing, but mostly genetic and immunologic, and the  interactions with environment as the trigger. Exposure to stimuli, such as streptococcus infection in the neck, alcohol, some kind of antimalarial, local irritation or skin damage, can lead to psoriasis in patients who have genetic predisposition. Almost all patients with psoriasis have problem related to cosmetics dan activity. Formerly, Psoriasis is considered as mild
skin diseases.

But along with science development, it turns out that psoriasis can cause internal effects.

When the Psoriasis persist  and not treated it can cause of metabolic syndrome which can be life-threatening. Cholesterol disorders, heart, rise in blood pressure, and diabetes is a few Psoriasis comorbidities. Thus, the Psoriasis should be treated as possible.

The symptoms usually with few complaints of itching, hot, burning, stretched.  The first arises in areas that are easily exposed to trauma such as elbows, knees, buttocks and scalp. The skin abnormality mostly symmetrical with raised red spots with scales layered on top and white rough mica (transparent).

When the scales removed in spots appear underneath bleeding. It’s called the Auspitz sign. Nail abnormalities most commonly seen are nail pitting, grooves on the nails. Other disorders that can be oil spots, onychodystrophy and subungual hyperkeratosis. Nail abnormality in  Psoriasis will  increase with age, duration, and the extent of the disease and arthritis psoriatika. Psoriasis can get at the joints, especially in the toes and hands.

Some Clinical Forms
The first is Psoriasis Guttata. This is Psoriasis a diameter of less than 1 cm. Usually occurs after streptokous infection. This form can heal spontaneously or expand to psoriasis vulgaris. Furthermore, the Psoriasis Vulgaris were found in 90% of patients. The abnormality arise shaped placard with a diameter of more than 1 cm. This type occurs in certain area  such as elbows, knees, buttocks, genetalia, and scalp. Psoriasis Pustulosa is a type of psoriasis containing pus. This type of psoriasis can be localized or spread (generalized). Psoriasis Erytrodermi is the form of wide and redden psoriasis. Red is caused by vasodilatation of blood vessels resulting in disruption regulation of body temperature. And, last is Psoriasis Arthritis, which gets at the joints. It is needed to be treated  because it can cause disability.

The treatment
Because Psoriasis is such of chronic disease, it is important to know the safety of long term treatment. Largely treatment regimens are limited by delivery period as cumulative toxicity or effectiveness reduced (Taksifilaksis). Psoriasis treatment is also depending on the clinical form, area, location, and severity of disease. There are no medicine that can cure psoriasis. If there is only temporary. In anticipation of the metabolic syndrome, then it is advisable to medical check-ups regularly.

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Early ejaculation?

Sexual intercourse is human way breeding and enjoy the fun as part of his life. Something pleasant and provide enjoyment would be perfect when we managed to get it. Instead, it would be disappointing when we failed to get it.

Related to sexuality, the highest pleasure is at the time the couple are equally successful obtain and feel pleasure of sexual activity, namely orgasms. Of course this is not an easy thing because each person have variability and differences in speed to reach orgasm. To able to reach orgasm together, it takes effort to understand each other and resolve differences. Unfortunately, sexuality is still considered taboo to talk about. Though it is possible there is a difference that could a constraint. When this was not discussed and sought solution, then the sex becomes unpleasant, even be avoided.

Early ejaculation is the event ejaculation of semen, a sign of an orgasm in males. If the ejaculation occurs before the expected time repeatedly and settle, either with minimal sexual stimulation before, during, or immediately after penetration, then it is called premature early (ED). In layman, we can interpret as an exit before time. About the time is depended one’s own view as well as sexual partners. There’s no time criteria which can be defined universal. As an example, a man who is only capable of withhold ejaculation during 1 minute of starting stimulation, while the pair able to achieve sexual climax is also within 1 minutes, then a man could be considered does not have a problem premature ejaculation. In contrast, man B is able to withstand ejaculate up to 10 minutes since starting stimulation while partner requires 20 minutes to reach the climax, the male B can deemed to have a problem premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is considered as big problem if it occurs before the penis touching the vagina or penis is just touching the vagina; intermediate problem categorized when The penis is into the vagina only; and mild in the event after some brief friction. Whatever of its level, a definite ED interfere with the quality and level of sexual satisfaction. The impact affects the male patients, spouses, and quality of their own personal relationship. For men, they would be very shy, insecure, low- themselves, to stress. Furthermore, the ED sufferers will be more anxious and tense when will do sex and this is increasingly aggravate situation.

There are several alternatives to overcome ED. The simplest is by studying and practice technique of “Sex Therapy” that is taught by the Masters and Johnson. This technique trains ED patients to be able to gradual control of ejaculation at various levels stimulation by pressure on certain areas in penis at the time felt there sensation of ejaculation.

Next is the trying to reduce the skin sensitivity of the penile area and around it. This can be done mechanically by using condoms or chemically by using topical anesthetic. Decresing in sensitivity skin on the penis and surrounding areas will have an impact on the lack of stimulated and can delaying thevery early ejaculation. Another alternative is to use medicines that the end result is increased levels of serotonin in gap synapse of nerve cells that can extend the occurrence time of ejaculation. Medicinal preparations that worked with the mechanism are the SSRI, beta blockers, and opioid analgesic.

Beyond that, the step most appropriate and prudent to overcome ED is of course is consultation with the experts. Talk to your doctor so that conditions can be assessed ED appropriately for later find a solution.

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Dysmenorrhoea ‘Bully’ women

Dysmenorrhea is pain when menstruation to interfere work or activity day-to-day.  Painusually in the form of pain blunt or cramps metastasized to the waist and thigh.  Most women will experience pain when menstruation, but  referred to dysmenorrhoea only pain until interfere with, or pain accompanied by diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache or dizziness.The process of menstruation is the release process layer in uterus which we called the endometrium. Endometrial lining of this unique to women because replaced every month. This layer is grown, loose, grow again, off again, according to the menstrual cycle. When the endometrial lining is removed, the uterine wall would contract for help release and removing it through cervix. Contraction uterine wall is due a chemical called prostaglandins produced by the inner lining of the uterus. When These high levels of prostaglandins, the pain inflicted even more severe. To a certain extent, prostaglandin can also cause narrowing of vessels uterine blood that will be add to the pain.

There are two types of dysmenorrhoea. The first type is primary dysmenorrhea, which usually occurs in young women since the first menstruation. Such this menstrual pain arise in the first days of menstruation, and further reduced in the next days. Typically, pain in primary dysmenorrhoea will be more decrease with increasing age, and improved after delivery.
The second type is secondary dysmenorrhoea, the cause is not prostaglandins produced through natural processes. Painful on this secondary dysmenorrhoea can occur before menstruation
started, and will increasingly painful on the following days- sometimes does not disappear
after menstruation. The reason most frequently is endometriosis, in which endometrium grows outside uterine cavity. The outside endometrium will also have to groe out.
Bleeding will cause pain, which arise before, during, and after menstruation. Another cause is myoma that are benign muscle tumors uterus, it can cause menstrual pain and excess bleeding. Or, Adenomyosis in where the inner lining of the uterus grows into the uterine wall. Other causes are inflammation pelvis.

From the history of the disease, pelvic examination, ultrasound examination and some
laboratory tests, usually can be determined types of dysmenorrhoea. Sometimes, required to peeping into the abdominal cavity with laparoscopic tools. Sometimes, on the secondary dysmenorrhea can be found  specific cause and can be treated. But yet often times the cause can not be found.

The treatment  principle of dysmenorrhoea,if the cause can be determined so the specific treatment focused on eliminating or at least reduce the cause. If not, then the treatment, especially for reduce the pain. Most painful menstruation can overcome by medicine that sold in store. But when the pain is very disturbing and lasted more than 2-3 days, then should see a doctor.

To reduce pain, The most frequently used is the class of drugs NSAIDs (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs), which in addition it can block the production of prostaglandins that may also reduce symptoms of nausea and diarrhea. NSAIDs are most effective when taken early menstruation or pain during the initial only 1-2 days. The group of this drug does not allow for women suffering from disorders blood clotting, liver disease and heartburn.

The second drug that can be used to reduce menstrual pain is a hormonal contraceptive, such as the pill, patch, and IUDs. Hormones on contraceptives will be limiting the growth inner lining of the uterus, so that prostagalndin production is not too many. This hormone also may limit the growth of endometriosis and myoma, thereby also beneficial to reduce menstrual pain in dysmenorrhoea the secondary.

In secondary dysmenorrhoea due to myoma, therapeutic options are myoma removal (even all her womb) through the operation. Meanwhile, the endometriosis can be done laparoscopic surgery for the outside  endometrium. In cases of severe dysmenorrhoea, sometimes uterus removal should be done.

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Being Beautiful Without Surgery

It can not be denied, everyone wants to always looks young, well recognized openly or no. Nothing to be ashamed to admitted because it is very normal. Naturally when various methods are developed to
rejuvenates the skin so looks younger than the really age. Filler is one of its that will be discussed below.At ages ranging aging, the main skin substances (collagen,elastin and hyaluronic acid) began to decrease. The reduction of the substances is the major cause of thinner skin, and the skin become loose (often called sagging skin). One of the  most visible signs is laugh lines (curved lines
between the tip of the nostrils and the corner of his mouth) that getting in, either when laughter and silence.

In this condition, dermal filler is important to restore the skin volume. Dermal filler is one option
to rejuvenate the skin, especially for those who still reluctant to do surgery or plastic surgery. The benefit  of dermal filler is the  process that relatively quickly, the result  can be readily seen, and natural look.

What else abnormalities can be corrected by dermal filler?
Many of the abnormalities that can be corrected by improved dermal filler such as smiling lines/nasolabial folds (curved between the nostril and corner of the lips), hypertropic scars, wrinkle silent, for example crease in between 2 eyebrows, sunken scars, back of the hand that is not “full”, marionette/sad lines even lip augmentation (making fuller lips).

How long will the effects dermal filler can last?
The last long effects it is depent on the  type of dermal filler. There are  two type dermal filler those are permanent and temporary filler. The most widely used is the temporary  filler
(4-18 months). The temporary type is like double-edged knife. When the results good, it will
detrimental because it requires repetition. When results are less satisfactory then the skin will return to its originally in a matter of months.

What should I do if interested?
The first step is consultation with a physician. This allows the physician to  evaluate whether you
are the appropriate candidate. Filling filler will be done  if your doctor consider it is good for you. When the filler not be appropriate, then this meeting is very useful to discuss another alternative.

Am I going to  feel pain when the procedure performed?
Before in-filler, will be smeared topical anesthesia in the inoculation area. It takes time
30-60 minutes so the skin becomes numbness to be less of  pain.

How long is the filling procedure be done?
It  depends on the extent of the area which will be filled, usually ranges from 15-45 minutes. So,
Total time required including topical anesthetics is 1-2 hours.

What about the side effects and the safety profile of dermal filler?
Most often it is redness of the injection area, usually disappearing within a few hours
up to 2 days. Also could be swelling / bruising. All of those are temporary. Temporary filler is usually more safe because it contains substances normally found in the skin layer, so that degraded / metabolized as normal. In the  permanent filler  (eg silicon and filler-containing polymethylmethacrylate), the substances are “foreign object”.

Do I still can do my normal activity after dermal filling filler?
Of course, one of the advantage of dermal filler is the immediate results, almost
without the down time period, so you can do normal activity immediately .

What if I do not like the result?
When the results are less satisfactory, then the effect will be seen gradually disappeared in accordance with long filler work temporary. The most important to remember is do not
overcorrection! That is, the more either filling less rather than redundant.  Typically, no touch-up session for the initial filling correction. It is performed 1 week after the initial session generally.

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Depression is important to be noted because it is a mental health issue and the leading cause of suicide. Depression is characterized by melancholy, profound sadness, pessimistic, until loss of passion/enthusiasm in life.The other main symptoms are affected depressive characterized by feeling despair, feelings of sad/depressed constantly, mood of “empty”, easy crying, feeling hopeless, restless, it could develop into a panic attack or otherwise become weak (retardation psychomotor). In addition, it could be lost of interest and excitement characterized by not able to enjoy fun / hobby, low of live passion, pessimistic, losing interest in the daily appearance, sex (decreased libido), social isolation, easily offended or angry overly in improper situation and is suspicious. Low of energy that is characterized by tired easily, lose of enthusiasm drastically, always feel tired / weak, have no passion, slowly in movement, speak less than usual. Other symptoms may include
poor of concentration and attention, poor of self-esteem and confidence, feel guilty and worthless, remorse and despair, be pessimistic about the future, mind-dominated by suicidal ideation / about death, having sleep disturbances (insomnia/insomnia or hypersomnia ), and eat disorder untill affected the body weight.

The cause of Depression is referred to supporting factors (predisposing factors) and trigger factors (precipitating factors). Predisposing factors are included slightly of sense of control. Having generalization thought which unsuccessful in one case is considered to affect the next other problems. Sense of control is one’s beliefs that he himself control of his life. The research tells us that ‘the sense od control’ is the basic of cognition to experience optimism and hope.

Other factors predisposing is to have negative self esteem. In psychology, self esteem is defined as an assessment one’s self itself, both positive and the negative. Positive self esteem makes individuals become more eager and able to set goals. Meanwhile, precipitating factors are biological factors (physical disturbance, such as fatigue/hunger, lack of sleep / nutrition, or the illness); psychic factor (stress condition); social factor (conflict/ misunderstanding/stressor from environment, economic, and family), as well as spiritual factor (sense of sin and guilty). If there are multiple symptoms as above, seek the psychiatrist for help immediately. Positive emotions, loving, and happiness are very helpful to face stress condition. Furthermore, love can strengthen immunity.

Pray/relationship to God as well able to prevent the occurrence of depression, in addition to manage stress, not depend on others to solve problems, having community, and actualize talent and personal values. Person’s psychological state not be separated from the need of existential, namely the essential needs of being meaningful. When the one’s life journey only perform activities that demanded outside such that does not affect his inside then everything that is done becomes meaningless.

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The Best Way to Lose Weight

The Best Way to Lose Weight

According to the Nation Nutrition Undergarment, To lose weight, the strength intake from substance moldiness be less than the forcefulness product”*. This is why calorie reckoning is the most telling metric expiration method. It goes somebody to the suspicion of the difficulty.

Weight Calorie Counting

Losing unit finished calorie investigation is relatively painless. You won’t bonk to put standard period on drink spell calorie investigation. Other benefits are that calorie investigating:

  • Raises your consciousness of what your embody needs;
  • Educates you nearly what’s in what you eat,
  • And helps you take how to eat healthily for vivification.

Play to Kilocalorie Assort
Oldest you’ll requisite to work out how more calories you requisite each day to have your live unit, and how umpteen to regress weight at a evaluate of 1-2lbs a period.

Next you impoverishment to cook belt of how numerous calories are in the foods and drinks you drop apiece day, to hit careful you have a dissenting kilocalorie counterbalance.
Calorie Numeration Prefabricated Unproblematic – with Metric Disadvantage Resources
Metric Release Resources gives you all the tools you necessary to straighten calorie investigating simple. Nonnegative, our supply endeavour gives you way to all our high tools:

  •  Daily Kilocalorie Disagreement – tailored to you;
  • Interactive End Setting puppet – set a content that entireness for you;
  •  Online Matter and Preparation Diary – the effortless way to find calories;
  • Calorie and Nutrition Database – quick reason how more calories are in the foods and drinks you deplete;
  • Utilise Database – see how umteen redundant calories you pain doing the activities you revel.

It takes retributory 2 transactions to get fast accession to all our tools. Genuinely free for 24 hours – no accomplishment greeting details required.

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